Rowing the Rappahannock

An afternoon on the Rappahannock was a very new experience for me. I am not usually a sporty person, and I had never rowed a canoe before Saturday. I don’t regret it, however. Time spent with friends is always time well spent in my book, and this was no exception. There was a bit of a storm in the middle, but that’s nature for you. Rowing did get a bit strenuous after a while, but I feel like I could really get into canoeing.

The weather was a bit hot, and the rain was a bit cold, but overall it was an enjoyable experience. I think the thing that really made the experience for me was the people that were there with me. From Brenna’s headstands to Naana nearly crashing into us four times, I was entertained for the whole afternoon. One of my favorite parts of the experience was the wildlife we saw. A green and great blue heron flew right by us, and it was honestly majestic.

Overall, this experience was just grand. I honestly didn’t mind the rain, and bonding with friends would’ve been worth it anyways. 

1 thought on “Rowing the Rappahannock

  1. Olivia Black says:

    I’m glad you had an enjoyable time in the rain too! In my opinion, it added to the experience rather than ruining it. I agree with you that time spent with friends is always time well spent, and I think that is part of what made Saturday so much fun. Even though the weather wasn’t on our side between the humidity and the storm, the people we were on the river with made things so much fun.


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