Muir Would be my Best Friend

I absolutely love Muir’s view on nature, not to mention his energy. Muir treats his time in nature like an excited child would treat a fairy tale. He loves his environment, and he loves being in it. The other writers we’ve read view nature as this massive consciousness, something passive and primordial. Muir wants to feel it. He wants to involve himself, he wants to feel those pine needles on his skin, taste that spicy air, and feel that cold spray from the waterfall. He views nature as a friend, the talkative rocks as comrades from long ago. Muir is Chronon’s antithesis in this way-  he’s completely flippant. He’s here to enjoy, and Chronon would implode at that thought. 

Muir and I are spiritual mirrors, the mountains have always been my home and they always will be. I share his exuberance for nature, and I absolutely would love to go on a hike with him. I would love to chat up a pile of rocks with him, and maybe even make a couple of friends along the way

2 thoughts on “Muir Would be my Best Friend

  1. Braden Roberts says:

    I also had a thought that you and Muir are similar, I could see either of you giving a barbaric yawp on top of the mountain after climbing it.

  2. Zainab Sally Sesay says:

    I also enjoyed reading Muir’s journal. It was fairly entertaining and motivating. I feel like if Muir was here today, he would, in addition to solo hiking, he would also guide people on nature tours and try to get everyone hyped up about it. I feel like a hike with him should be with other adventurous people, because he seems…extreme about hiking. “Judging by sun, I could not have been insensible very long; probably not a minute, possibly an hour; and I could not remember what had made me fall, or where I had fallen from…” Like, yikes, my dude. He got head trauma but didn’t even care.


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