Magic Abe

Abram’s experience relating to nature and its inhabitants is truly a unique one. His connection, physically and emotionally, to the world around him is incredibly deep and personal, like his connection to the condor. I have had a few experiences like the condor passage. I used to sit outside under a tree and imagine that I was one too. I felt connected to the roots, leaves, and blood-like sap in the trees around me, and to a certain degree I still do. I believe that without smartphones, humanity as a whole would actually be smarter and more compassionate. With a time set to stationarily browse the web, or having to remember a question to ask your computer later, humanity as a whole would experience itself in a much more profound way, less desensitized to tragedy and greater global issues. Not only would it change on this massive scale, but it would allow us to feel connection to our environment instead of a piece of machinery. 

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